Gratitude is expressed to the following people and groups, without whom this radio play would never have got to air:

the New Zealand Society of Authors (with the support of Creative New Zealand) for awarding the writer manuscript assessments for both The Trials of Minnie Dean: A verse biography and Falling (concerning Minnie Dean’s final journey, 1895);

Ross Gumbley, Lara McGregor and The Court Theatre for lighting the initial spark and cosseting it, the gift of experience;

Helen Moran and the Imagine Theatre for support and encouragement;

Martin Howells and Eilish Moran for their contributions to the success of the script development workshop of Falling (concerning Minnie Dean’s final journey, 1895);

the support, encouragement, recording facilities and skills of Nicki Reece and Plains FM, and the Canterbury Communications Trust;

the funders who enabled the development and production of Falling (concerning Minnie Dean’s final journey, 1895), namely, CERT / Kiwi Gaming Foundation;

and all the actors and directors who have been willing to come on this five year journey with Minnie and me.  Karen Zelas